The Culture of Long Eyelashes

We’re big fans of pop culture, underground culture, and culture in all its forms. One of the most astute observers of culture we know is Grant McCracken, author of the fascinating book Chief Culture Officer. Early last year, Grant published a blog post on his Cultureby blog about seeing a woman with extremely long eyelashes.

Initially, he thought it strange that the woman with long lashes was dressed so casually. That’s because he thought fake eyelashes were for formal occasions or performances, not everyday wear. Then he finds out from one of his friends that these eyelashes might not be fake. That they might actually be real long lashes made possible through the application of Latisse.

Here’s what we found to be most interesting in his post:

And now we begin the process of adjustment.  In a couple of months, I will stop thinking of big, fat eyelashes as formal wear.  A few months after that, I will stop thinking, “wow, you must be using Latisse!.”  Eventually this social innovation will be as unexceptional as blond(ed) hair.  I never think “Wow, you dye your hair!”  I never even notice the artifice.

This is the future we’re looking forward to here at Killer Eyelashes. We don’t think that growing eyelashes should be any more unnatural than making your hair blonde. That we do this naturally as a matter of enhancing our beauty, boosting our confidence, and just looking fabulous even in casual clothing.

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